Funatic Patient Portal and Mobile App

Funatic implements innovative, secured patient portals and mobile apps which help making the digital relationship between the caregiver and the patient personal, hospitable and interactive. The digital communication between patients, family members and caregivers can be fully supported.

It starts with an attractive website with an integrated patient portal serving features like appointments, personal information, digital brochures, intelligent online forms, a smart content management system, an interactive message box, chat and excellent search facilities.

Support for mobile devices is standard, both through a responsive design as by means of a secured mobile app. The integration with the HIS and EMR provides a rich patient experience. Funatic supplies Patient Portal standard with a TPM statement.

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The role of Portals in Healthcare

Each health care organization in the Netherlands is confronted with increasingly demanding patients and family members when it comes to digital communication with the hospital. The consumerization trend causes increasingly higher demands on digital information and interaction facilities by patients and family members, requesting availability time and location independent.

For example, visitors to the main website expect it to function well on virtually any device; laptop, tablet and smartphone. The information must be clear, multilingual and easy to search and preferably equipped for the visually disabled.

The content offered must be clear and informative and supportive in the awareness of a disease or the upcoming treatment. Information that is well rated by others as better quality assessed and interesting information should be shared easily online.

After logging a personal, customized portal expected environment with many opportunities for communication, interaction and self service. This applies to both

referrers and patients and their relatives. The term "hospitality" makes significant inroads in healthcare, just as the desire to communicate online with peers to share experiences for instance. If you want information towards one PGD can unlock a patient portal a good first step.

The Electronic Patient (Clients) File and Hospital Information System form the heart of the registration processes at the edge of these systems takes place the innovation and the health care organization able to develop their own digital channel to support and strengthen the patient relationship. A personal patient portal with tailored information and self-service facilities here offer a solution.

It is now possible to deploy all these patient services available via a mobile app which is available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. This allows the health care organization can communicate even more directly with the patient, even outside office hours.

Family Centered Intensive Care Portal

With the IC Portal relatives and family members receive tailored information. Additionally, they can for example keep a journal, plan visits or request family conversations. The admission of a patient to an IC is for the relatives often an intense event in which they are overloaded with information. Via a secure web portal, the HagaZiekenhuis and Erasmus MC provide relatives with information completely tailored to the situation of the patient, accessible one central location.

The portal contains relevant and reliable information about the clinical picture of the patient, the treatment and the equipment around the patient’s bed. This information is, if necessary, updated several times per day. In addition, the portal offers a communication tool for the patient's family.

By keeping a journal they can keep each other informed about the condition of the patient. Appointments and visits can be coordinated among themselves using an agenda. Family meetings can also be requested and prepared.

The contact of a patient receives the credentials for the secure portal from the IC department. The contact can invite relatives of the patient to access the portal. The result is a central information point where the relatives can consult all the important information 24 hours a day.

This solution is based on WebSphere Portal Server, IBM Web Content Manager and is suitable for IBM Power Systems.
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Portal Healthcare Assets

Funatic has a large number of re-usable WebSphere Portal based Assets at its disposal. These semi-finished Apps are characterized by simplicity and effectiveness. The user is guided through the process in clear steps, all information is personalized and presented specifically for his or her role and responsibilities. All the Apps look the same and work along the same outline, ensuring the adoption of new

applications goes very smoothly. Users can log in to the portal via Single Sign On using a browser, a large screen, a kiosk or a mobile device. Time and money can be saved by re-using these Assets which have already proven their value to other Healthcare organizations.


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