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About IZIT

Funatic realized the Patient Portal for Zorgnet Oost where the Patient Consent can be captured (and withdrawn). The care providers of the Twente and East Achterhoek region want to communicate electronically with each other and with care recipients in a secure and reliable way. Therefore arrangements must be made to connect systems together and to facilitate the necessary infrastructure. Zorgnet Oost is the cooperation in which it is realized. The BV IZIT.NL is the executive organization for the Twente region. The shareholders of IZIT are; Carintreggeland, The Twente Care centers, Dimence, Livio, MST, ZGT, Roessingh Regional Hospital and Queen Beatrix.


They are convinced that with IZIT there is a good basis for information exchange and communication in healthcare. Patient consent based on opt-in. MST and ZGT together started the initiative to record patient consent, several healthcare providers will join later. This initiative is part of the ZorgNetOost program, a collaboration between healthcare providers in the region. Soon patients are able to login by means of DigiD and handle their opt-in and opt-out themselves.